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How does stuff like this happen?

Maybe better stated: How does a business like Wisecracker Luggage happen? The short answer is with tenacity, curiosity, skill and a group of supportive partners.

Both myself and my partner David, the wisecrackers of Wisecracker LLC, have always been entrepreneurial and fascinated by the prospect of seeing new places. My first job (and probably the one I was best compensated for) was cutting grass. Earnings from this lucrative summer venture at the age of 13 financed a trip to the Bahamas with my brother Mike, 14, with an overnight stop at The Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. David’s income from teaching swimming to other kids provided him with spending money when his family traveled to Iran and throughout Asia in the 1960s.

Fast forward... our post-college, professional lives took us in similar directions with careers in specialty retail and stops at Saks, Bullocks Wilshire and I. Magnin. These experiences opened our eyes to the world of fashion, design and merchandising. In the 21 years since we met, we have worked together on ventures including boutique retail, founding a catalog business, creating a restaurant (never again), consulting with various established retail clients and some startups, orchestrating the turnaround of a family-owned leather goods company and launching our own interior and product design business. Along the way, we’ve never been afraid of a steep learning curve. We remain curious about things, people, cultures, and new experiences. Our passion for travel, combined with our background in luxury goods, brought us to the current chapter.

In 2009 a client we’d been consulting for offered us the opportunity to design and develop our own line of travel and business bags. With our manufacturing partner, Barrington Ltd., and some advice from our Italian leather guru, Pio, we embarked on Season I. We also looked to a team of strategic associates with whom we’ve worked over the years for assistance with photography, web marketing and other vital business functions, including a dash of mentoring from an anonymous big deal Fashion Director. These “behind-the-bag” players bring their own skills to this venture and will hopefully participate in the success of this latest project.

So this is how this stuff happens...
Jim Neeley and David Dow